Friday, May 18, 2012


Oh yes, it's all changing around these parts - I'm going back to work!  Paid work that is.  It is a little daunting and I've had to organise a lot this week like enrolling Elijah into after school care and buying suitable work shoes.  I'm going to miss living in jandals, the leisurely walk to school each morning and afternoon, crafting whenever I feel the urge and keeping up with the goss on facebook.

But this change will be good for both Elijah and I.  Being a single Mum isn't always easy but getting back into paid employment will mean financially we will be much better off.  I'll be able to have my hair cut (instead of trimming it myself), go out for dinner (and we're not talking Maccas or BK!) and in general not have to worry so much about what we can or can't afford.  While I won't be rolling in millions (or thousands) the last year I've had to live off very little and survived so any extra is a bonus.

I have a few crafty bits on the go at the moment.  I'm halfway through writing a tutorial which I will post in around a weeks time as part of the Bella Parade.  This will be a project you can make in a day although it took me longer because I did a little each day before getting sidetracked!  I'm about 1/3 of the way through stitching my sari quilt.  Why is it taking so long?  More importantly, why did I opt to start a project that involved mainly hand stitching?

Winter is well on the way here in NZ.  I've finished making three patchwork rugs for my kitchen and entranceway.  I really like them and they are backed with towelling so they're virtually non-slip and easy to wash.

Mother's Day this year was nice.  Roast chicken and veges for dinner and two cakes for desert - one chocolate cake for my Mum's birthday (which happened to fall on Mother's Day this year) and one carrot cake (which I will share the recipe one day because it is the best cake ever).  We kept presents minimal this year.  I gave soaps to my Mum and sisters for Mother's Day (even though one of them isn't a Mum yet she has recently earned the title of Aunty Mama or something like that) and I was lucky enough to win a beautiful bracelet and a manicure voucher so I gifted them both to Mum.
So, onwards and upwards from here.  It will be nice having proper weekends rather than having all the days roll into one.  I'm hoping that with the extra movement the weight will start to drop off, fingers crossed.


  1. Good luck with the transition back to work :)

  2. all the best with your first week at work Kelly! and love the pretty papers around the soaps :)