Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bella Parade: Tutorial

Welcome back!  Today I will be sharing with you a short tutorial - one of my very own patterns!  This will be perfect for beginners wanting to do something more than simple squares.  Chevron is quite a popular style in New Zealand at the moment but I've gone for a more subtle look.

For this project you will need:
3 strips (3" x 10") each of 4 solids and 5 prints
(so you should start with a total of 27 strips each measuring 3 inches by 10 inches)
2 strips of solid 3" x 24" and 2 strips of the same solid 3" x 17"
(this will be your border)

Step One

Once you've arranged your fabrics and are happy with it, stitch using a 1/4" seam

Step Two
Step Three

Step Four

Now it is time to arrange the above strips so you get a chevron effect.  Do this by placing alternating strips side by side.  You should have three remaining strips which will be using as binding.

Stitch together using 1/4" seams

Step Five
Trim excess fabric from ends so you have straight edges.  Pin the two longer solid strips (3" x 24") right sides facing to the long edge.  Stitch using 1/4" seam.  Then do the same with the shorter strips (3" x 17") which should easily join to the long edge border.

Step Six
Choose your backing.  I chose to use an old towel because they tend to 'stick' well to the carpet and don't seem to move around too much.  Pin your rug top to the backing and 'quilt' the two together. While I say quilt, you can opt to do as I did and straight stitch along each seam.  I don't own a quilting attachment so I used a long stitch instead, it seems to work ok for straight lines.
Step Seven
Prepare and attach your binding.  Join the three lengths you have set aside together (they should all be facing the same way by the way!), iron and fold lengthways right side out.  Now while I could tell you how I stitched the binding, if you're a complete beginner then I suggest you open YouTube and watch a tutorial because that's what I had to do!

I recommend finishing the binding off by hand stitching it even though I loathe that job, it does look a lot neater.

So you should now have a rug suitable for the kitchen, bathroom or wherever you feel fit.  Make this following my tutorial then enter the giveaway for a half yard bundle (that's 20 half yards!)


  1. wow looks amazing! i have a new machine now i just gotta learn!!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, it looks fabulous!

  3. Beautiful!
    I adore chevrons and yours are gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing the tutorial to make them.

  4. Hi Kelly, just wanted to share with you the version I made using your inspiring tutorial...