Friday, November 2, 2012

Roll on Summer!

Summer can't come soon enough!  We spent some time lying out on the deck this morning watching the clouds whizz by.  Mr5 has been learning about weather at school so he explained to me what type of clouds they were and that they would bring rain.  And he was right - sort of.  We had a few spits but not enough to bring the washing in.

With warmer weather and Xmas on the way I think it's high time I started crafting again.  The aim is to create handmade gifts which I can hopefully manage in the 7 weeks I have left.  It won't be easy though as we move out in a month's time while our house is being reclad.  All the other houses have taken 6ish weeks but as ours is last and over Xmas we'll be out of the house for 8ish weeks staying with my Mum and sister.

Hopefully with the reclad we'll get a new deck - ours is currently on a lean!

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  1. I love it when kids are so eager to share what the learn about at school. It's awesome when they can pick up on a subject that fascinates them enough to want to share it, and how it can open their eyes to all the little things around them that we often miss.

    My 4 year old comes home from kindy and gives me 'little talks' about recycling, though sometimes she gets the information a little muddled up (like the time she told me rubbish is filling up the local rubgy field - I think the teachers had been talking about landfills and using rubgy fields as a measuring unit?)

    Good luck with the house, and the handcrafting! 7 weeks left? I seem to have lost track of time.. Yeek!!